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QB Basic and qb type

Benefit from QB system flexibility to suit any Authority regulation (EASA / CASA etc.)
Easily generate any Basic (Part-66 Appendix I Syllabus) or
Type (ATA 100 Chapter System) Modular Exams
to Part-147 standard

Base and Type versions

The QB Question Base and Exam Generator is the easy way to create and manage your
Basic and Type Exams for any aircraft or engine type.


QB Generator Basic Version

  • All Part-66 Modules & Subsections incorporated (to latest EC 1149/2011 standard) add additional Modules & Subsections
  • Module 1 (Mathematics), Module 2 (Physics), Module 3(Electrical Fundamentals), Module 4 (Electronic Fundamentals) etc.
  • Import multiple-choice questions to Modules and assign a Level (1,2,3) and a Module Subsection
  • Flexible to suit any Authority regulation (EASA / CASA etc.)
  • Generate Basic Modular Training exams Part-147 standard

QB generator Type version

  • Store and manage questions for any aircraft or engine Type (Boeing 737, Airbus A380, RB211 etc.)
  • Categorise questions by ATA 100 Chapter
  • Add as many different aeroplane/helicopter/engine Types as needed
  • Load unlimited questions to cover all your requirements
  • Generate Type Training exams to Part-147 standard



The system includes

  • Upload and edit questions (multiple choice and essay questions): Question Originator, Question Verifier, Part-66 Module and Subsection, Difficulty Level (1, 2 or 3)
  • Input questions manually, or upload from .txt file (unlimited number of questions)
  • No limit to number of questions stored and managed
  • Bulk edit questions or individual edit, with WYSIWYG toolbar. Set text font, style etc. Import and add images (diagrams) to questions/answers as required. Change image size and position within question /answers.
  • Record question history (dates and author/verifier of changes to questions)
  • Trash unwanted questions (into trashcan - trashed questions can always be accessed and un-trashed if necessary)
  • Record Facility Index (a percentage indicator calculated on the number of examinees who answer the question correctly)
  • List and sort questions by Module, Subsection or alphanumeric
  • Copy or Move questions to other Modules
  • Grade Questions by Knowledge Level 1,2 or 3
  • Search and Filter questions (options: Subsection, wordstring, Licence Category (A, B1, B2 etc.), Difficulty Level (1, 2 or 3), approved/not approved)
  • Add diagrams/figures and special characters (e.g. Greek) to questions
  • Language Approval system for questions (optional)
  • Periodic questions review alert (optional)
  • Have the content approval system for questions (optional)

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